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Specialized Classes

Back Pain

Yoga therapy practises and self care principles for the complementary support of back pain. Includes core strengthening, pelvic stabilization and pain relief.

Cultivating Calm

Therapeutic yoga practises for the neurological body, left/right brain balancing and grounding. Includes Meditation and iRest therapy which are helpful for stress, anxiety, addiction, sleep and PTSD.

Specialized Classes For Pelvic Health

Practises and Principles for Pelvic Stabilization and Core Strengthening

Men's Class for the symptoms of: Bladder Frequency, Urgency, Night time Waking Hernias & Healthy Prostate

Keeley Smith - January 7th to March 4th - 8 weeks - $168

No class February 18th

Women's Class for the symptoms of: Prolapse, Incontinence & Back Pain,Urgency, Bladder Frequency, Leakage with Cough

Keeley Smith & Edie Cassady - January 10th to April 4th - 12 weeks - $239

Register with:

Edie Cassady, Registered Yoga Therapist
(780) 466-6548


Keeley Smith, Physiotherapist & Yoga Instructor
(780) 887-6206